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This restaurant chain has a safari motif and is quite an experience. We went to one in Orlando and were pleasantly surprised with the prices, quality and portion size. The have a unique menu with Thai food as well as a wide menu to please any palette. When we walked in, I thought that this was going to be a big chunk of our vacation food funds, but as I stated, we were pleasantly surprised and certainly didn't leave hungry. Now located in 10 states.

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A great way to find Elephant coupons, deals and specials is to go directly to their website and see the deals that they offer online. You can even find locations, check the menu and even look at prices. A lot of restaurants don't put prices online and I appreciate those that do. To really save at Elephant Bar Restaurants, you will want to join their "Passport Email Club."  Once you join they will send Elephant Bar coupons savings and promotions right to your email. It is free to join and well worth it if you enjoy the Elephant Bar. Click here to join and save on your next trip to the Elephant Bar.

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