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Roys Restaurant
Roys restaurant offers what they call "Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine." They claim to feature the finest seafood with a focus on delicacies from the oceans that surround Hawaii. Roys belongs to the family of restaurants that includes Bonefish Grille, Outback, Carrabbas and Flemings Steakhouse.   We have never tried a Roys restaurant but are planning to do so. We will update you on our thoughts but considering how well we enjoy all of the other OSI owned restaurants, I can imagine that we will enjoy Roys as well. The first Roys opened in 1988 in Honolulu and there are now over

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30 locations.
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To locate a Roys Restaurant near you, look at menus or read about the specials, you can check their main website here. You can also make reservations online from their site. If you are looking for Roy's Restaurant Coupons, Specials and/or deals, the best way to get them is to join the Roy's restaurant "family" or "Ohana " as it called in Hawaiian. It is free  to sign up and all you need to do is fill out the form located here to start receiving emails direct from Roys Restaurant.

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